Accessing Sequencing Results


A. You need to set up a user account to access results


  1. Go to:†
  2. Click on Download Recent Results
  3. Click on Register for a NAF User Account
  4. Enter all your information and click on Submit
    1. Core Personnel set up all new accounts.† This is usually completed within 24 hours of request.
  5. Click on Back to Main page (at the bottom of the page)
  6. There are 2 programs that you need to have installed on the computer you view the results, one will decompress the files, the other will allow you to view the chromatograms on your computer.


    1. Stuff-It Expander

                                                               i.      This is needed for all computers (MAC or PC) as it will decompress the files, no other program will work.

1.      Follow this link for PCís

2.      Follow this link for MACís

                                                             ii.      Click on Download Now Button (left side of the screen)

                                                            iii.      Click on Stuff-It Deluxe 30 Day Free Trial

                                                          iv.      Fill in the information on the next page and click Send me Download Info for my Stuff-It Trial

                                                             v.      Please note:† The first 30 days your trial of StuffIt allows you to experience the full feature set of StuffIt Deluxe. After the trial period has expired, the StuffIt Deluxe features (such as CD and DVD burning) will no longer be available, leaving only the limited feature set of StuffIt Standard Edition. If you continue to use StuffIt beyond the 30 day trial period you must purchase a registration number. You can choose to purchase a registration that allows you to continue using StuffIt Deluxe, or a registration number that allows you to continue using only the limited feature set of StuffIt Standard Edition.


    1. To View Sequencing Chromatograms:

                                                               i.      There are several programs that can be used to view chromatograms.† We have listed the freeware programs and the operating systems they work with below.†

                                                             ii.      FinchTV from Geospiza, Inc.:† PC or MAC

                                                            iii.      4Peaks from Neefix Labs: OS X Macintosh

                                                           iv.      EditView from ABI: MAC

                                                             v.      Chromas Lite: PC

    1. To View Fragment Analysis Files:

                                                               i.      Peak Scanner from ABI: PC


  1. Install the new software
  2. Restart your computer


B. To Retrieve Your Results


1.      Go to:†

  1. Enter your user name and password and click Login
  2. Click on Go to Files
  3. In the File Action column check the files you wish to download
  4. Click on Download Selected Files
  5. Results are posted to web accounts by 12 Noon